Future Healing Techniques in the Present

Many Physicians and Scientists presented At the recent 37th Annual 2008 International Orthomolecular Medicine today Conference.

Dr Abram Hoffer, one of the founders is known for his contributions is the field of mental Health using Orthomolecular medicine with Psychiatry. Their findings using B6 for side effects of Tardive Dyskinesia and Parkinson like symptoms proved successful and Omega 3 for depression and some forms of chronic Psychosis.

Margot Kidder stated she was cured, not put in remission, but cured using the Orthomolecular treatment.

Linus Pauling, a double Nobel Prize laureate, coined the phase Orthomolecular medicine, years ago. The treatment is primarily vitamins and nutrition, the information can be found on the web and the Schizophrenia Foundation in California. There are Some physicians practicing here in the states using these techniques. However, it started and is used by most physicians in Canada.

Standard nutritional therapy to lower homocysteine levels use folic acid and vitamins b 12 and B6. This has proven to be effective especially with chronic Schizophrenia.

An article from the Quarterly of the International Schizophrenia Foundation titled “The Homocysteine Reducing Strategies improve Symptoms in Chronic Schizophrenia Patients” reported how elevated homocyteine levels are a risk factor for several diseases, including Alzheimer’s and cerebrovascular disease, as well as Schizophrenia.

In her books The Natural medicine Guide to BIPOLAR DISORDER AND The Natural Medicine Guide To Schizophrenia, Stephanie Marohn explains how using Energy and Orthomolecular medicine along with Cranial Osteopathy, light and other types of modalities, can offer cures for chronic mental disorders thought to be incurable.

An instructor of Hypnosis once said he received a call from a couple of Psychiarists asking him to see one of their patients. “You are our last resort. We tried all we could and nothing has worked. The only thing left is a Lobotomy.” “What have you tried?” the instructor asked. The answer was just about everything. They went on to explain the patient was worse. She could not sleep, had ticks and habits she did not display before. The instructor asked “Why then wasn’t I your first choice, all I do is talk to her?”

To simplify, Orthomolecular and Energy Psychology are methods that seem to be successful where others have failed. Using primarily nutrients and amino acids Orthomolecular certainly does not present a danger to the patient. Nutrition prescribed, along with Energy Psychology techniques can only help even Schizophrenia. At the very least, this would be ones best chance. Why try extremes? Try the easy way first. Keeping your doctor informed. If it does not work, you can always move on to other alternatives.

Colonoscopy – The Best Birthday Present

I received the best birthday present ever this week and you could say I bought it for myself. It was my first colonoscopy, the disruptive, yet critical examination of the large intestine or colon. The results were negative. No cancer, no polyps. Clean as a, er . . . whistle. Sorry, it’s hard to write about this. As you can imagine, I’ve only talked about this topic with a few close friends.

Now that the ordeal is over, however, I feel a sense of obligation to talk about it. I imagine it’s the same type of obligation Katie Couric felt when she lost her husband to colon cancer a few years back. Couric wanted to help educate the public by having her next colonoscopy done on live television.

The least I can do is post a blog about my experience.

Communicating about my colon is not exactly easy, but dying of colon cancer is much less easy. The colon and rectal area is a difficult topic of conversation even under the best circumstances. The large intestine is the darkest organ in that it doesn’t receive the copious amounts of attention we give other body parts such as the heart or stomach.

We worry about what our hair looks like and whether we have circles under our eyes. We’re concerned about the extra flesh at our waistlines, if not concerned enough to do something about it. Few of us think about the colon, however, let alone talk about it. But, if you really want to take care of yourself, keep track of the darkest organ.

Colon cancer usually develops from polyps, so the goal is to discover and deal with the polyps earlier than later. Over 90% of people who get colon cancer are over 50. Many have neglected themselves by developing a sedentary lifestyle or bad eating habits.

In general, cancer occurs when healthy cells become altered, but that’s not what causes most people to finally talk about their colon. In fact, many people have colon cancer for a long time before they even know it. Eventually, changes in bowel habits, bloody stool, persistent cramping, gas or abdominal pain sends them to a doctor, who usually has to bite his tongue, knowing that colon cancer is quite preventable with early detection.

“How do you feel? A little dehydrated?” Nurse Angie of the Rochester Medical Clinic was getting me situated for the exam. The clinic has seven doctors who see ten to fifteen patients a day.

“How could I be dehydrated?” I teased. “You made me drink 64 ounces of Gatorade.” The Gatorade was mixed with 238 grams of Miralax powder. Let me go on record as saying there’s nothing “lax” about Miralax. It was a small amount of Fleet Phospho-soda, however, that really cleared the pipes. The idea is to have the colon clear completely clear of solid waste material, so the doc can get a good look.

“How much do you weigh, Michael?”

“I weighed 163 before yesterday, but I’ve been through a lot in the last 24 hours.”

The day before the exam I was allowed to eat breakfast, but that’s all. I had nothing to eat or drink, but water and some chicken broth for 20 hours or so before the exam. I never got hungry thanks to the distracting effects of the laxative.

Nurse Betsy seemed very pleased that I was getting a colonoscopy only days before my 50th birthday. “You’re right on schedule!” she beamed. Whatever makes her happy.

Dr. Dennis A Dahlstedt’s business card shows that he’s an M.D. of Gastroenterology, but he could also be a stand-up comedian. I met him about 30 seconds before we became, er . . . intimately acquainted. Sorry, this is hard to talk about.

Have you seen the funny prostate exam in Fletch where Chevy Chase interrupts himself to sing, Moon River, when the doctor slips him a digit? Well, Dr. D. is apparently fond of the Damon Wayans/(Dr.) Lou Rawls TV skit because Dr. D. actually sang, You’ll Never Find (Another Love Like Mine), while I was going under. I swear to you, it’s the last thing I heard before I was put to sleep.

So, while some folks have trouble talking about the colon, some people enjoy singing about it.

The anesthesiologist put me out with a terrific drug called “Propofol.” I was unconscious very quickly and recovered faster than I do from Dramamine, so later, I asked for a six pack of Propofol to go.

I caught a glimpse of the colonoscope, a lariat made from black plastic that looks a little like PVC tubing. The tube is about as thick as an index finger, if you’ll pardon the comparison. The hose was approximately four feet long.

Talk about an all-in-one tool! The Swiss Army knife has nothing on the colonoscope. The business end of the tube is a camera. A dial at the other end makes the camera move. The tool has the ability to irrigate the colon. It has a forceps, if you can believe it, and a snare or “noose” to clip and collect polyps. The colonoscope also has a light to illuminate what might be the darkest human organ.

I’m told the colonoscope is sterilized for about an hour after every use.

After the procedure, Dr. Dahlstedt came to see me in the recovery area. He was quite pleased with my test results and my compliance as a patient. “Great prep job!” he exhorted. “Like Artesian well water in there!”

Struggling with the analogy, I asked Dr. Dahlstedt what he thinks of colonic cleanses and the like. “Ridiculous!” he said. “Totally unnatural! You don’t hear about squirrels in the woods giving themselves enemas, do you?”

He had a good point, but I’ve also never heard of a squirrel paying $1,000 to have someone shove a camera up his butt. That’s not exactly natural, either.

“One more question, Doctor, what’s the single best thing I can do to take care of my colon?”

“Eat vegetables,” he said. “See you in about ten years.”

In ten years, researchers may perfect the new “virtual (non-invasive) colonoscopy,” but don’t postpone your exam. If you’re over 50, schedule your exam right away. Share this article with someone over 50. I know it’s hard, but talk about it.

Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living. Well, a colonoscopy is an examination that helps ensure a person goes on living.

Personalized Leather Birthday Gifts Make the Perfect Present Without Burdening Your Wallet

Think twice before presenting a loved one or family member with a birthday gift. Since birthdays come only once a year, you will be remembered either positively or negatively for the rest of the year (and possibly the rest of your life), depending on the quality of this gift. Even if you are on a limited budget, you can shop wisely to find good quality without spending too much money.

For example, if she is older, you may consider purchasing the recipient a custom made leather product with her name engraved onto it. Why leather? Go to Yahoo or Google and see how many sites pull up for the phrase, “pesonalized leather gifts for her under 30 dollars” and you will easily see the field of opportunity to buy a quality leather gift within your budget. You don’t have to spend a lot in order for the item to look expensive!

Leather still connotes an image of luxury and confidence in the minds of many people in our society. Instead, look for quality when buying a cheaper leather gift from an outlet kiosk and you can still add a uniqueness flavor to it by personalizing the gift? With comparison shopping engines like Shopzilla and Nextag (and others), you can find the perfect birthday gift at a perfect price.

Moreover, you might consider getting a friend her very own personalized leather wallet or bifold. For females, the first name will probably work just fine, but for mens’ personalized birthday gifts, you probably should stick to their 3 initials (if he has a middle name), as most men are not too comfortable on the cuteness factor when combined with their leather wallets or money clips (save the cuteness for his underwear).

For guys, you probably should stick to black and browns, since they are not going to be too big on the pastel colored leather. If shopping for women, you can be a little more creative and buy more colorful gifts (unless she likes the standard black or tan colors), have them nicely wrapped after they have been personalized with her initials or full name.

Another great idea for leather personalized gifts, is a set of custom tote bags that have the names of the recipient’s business inscribed across the front. If you have friends or family that own their own business or are private lawyers or doctors, they will love the idea of carrying this bag with their personal company label across it, thereby giving them a sense of accomplishment and success. People love to flaunt their accomplishments, but it is even better when you flaunt the accomplishments for them.

When purchasing birthday presents, anniversary gifts or anything else online, make sure you start with a general search and narrow it down using more relevant details, thereby allowing you to find the correct item. For example, “leather gifts” is a starting point, but you should end up with something like, “personalized leather gift idea for boyfriend’s 30th birthday.”.

There are so many things you can do with leather from personalizing passport cases to Blackberry cases to even a simple CD case holder you can find a gift for anyone in your life, whether older or younger, man or woman, boyfriend or girlfriend (you get the idea).

Speakers & Presenters – The Secret Three Step Process to Leveraging Your Time to Make More Profits

If there is one thing that I have learned in all my years of marketing, it is the value of being able to work less and make more. The key to this is leverage and it can be explained in a simple and easy to understand three step process.

I want you to read very carefully because in the next 742 words I am going to share with you the secret to leveraging what you are already doing and how to make it pay off big, time and time again.

The three-step process is very simple and can be remembered as “the three R’s”.

1) Repurpose
2) Rebrand
3) Repeat

So what does this mean? Simply put, take what you are already doing, or have done in the past and find a way to make money from it again and again without having to redo the work.

Lets look at an example:

Lets say that you are an expert in public speaking, and you have just delivered a wonderful speech called “how to make people actually want to listen to what you have to say”. You’ve given this speech to a large high school district’s staff, including teachers, administrators, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers. Lets also assume that you did a wonderful job and you have effectively branded yourself as an expert on the subject with them.

We would call this a successful presentation. You made your money, and now you are on your way home. Is this the end of the story?

If you are like many professional speakers, sadly the answer is yes. You could easily multiply your income from that one single speech though, by Leveraging your time.

So we will change our example and now say that not only did we deliver this wonderful speech, but also we were able to capture it on video. Do you see where we are going with this?

With just a little bit of editing that can be performed with free software that is included on most PCs and Macs, or easily downloaded from the Internet, you can turn this one-time speech into a product that can be sold over and over again in the future.

Step 1: Repurpose: To reuse content by revising or restructuring it for a different purpose than it was originally intended.

So how can we now use this new video? We could start by marketing it to other high school districts, colleges, trade schools, or even companies where salespeople drive revenue or to spouses that don’t feel they are being heard by significant others.

Step 2 Rebrand: This is the process by which a product or service is developed with one brand, company, or product line affiliation is marketed or distributed with a different identity.

We may be able to rebrand this video by taking a smaller section of the video out which provided tips to opening up lines of communication and title it: “The 10 Secrets to Opening Up Lines of Communication.” We could then brand it as it’s own video.

Step 3 Repeat: To do again.

Once you have done this once, do it again for all your speeches, or at least the ones that you provide different content for. By just thinking a few steps ahead and recording your speeches and presentations, you can create an entire catalog of videos that will be a true testament to the power of Leverage.

Tools of the Trade

Now that we have used the power of leverage to discover a new market that we can go after and a new product to sell, what tools can you use to market the product?

Our recommendation is a product any pay-per-view video solution that works on the web and is very easy to use. You simply upload your video and it will provide you with a small snippet of html code that you can simply paste into your existing website. If you have ever used youtube.com, it is nearly the same exact thing, the only difference being that this pay per view software allows you to profit by offering your video as a pay-per-view product.

Additionally, this useful tool will manage your billing and clients for you. All you have to do is market your pay-per-view video products and Voila, you have now effectively made use of the concept of leverage and given yourself residual income for years to come.

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